26,5mm Grenrör, 4 Portar 3/4" M/F

Smooth Barbs

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HydroAir - Manifold 4 Barb 26.5mm (M) x (F) x 3/8" Smooth Barb

This manifold can be stacked the cut out peices allow joining without obstruction of the outlet barbs. The are also cutable if you dont need 4 outlets. Use them with the Bayonett adaptor to join them to 32mm pipe. Use the Inverted cap to cap the end.

Inlet Config: Steet (Female x Male)
Inlet Size(s): 26.5mm Ø
Outlet Count: 4
Outlet Type: Barb Smooth
Outlet Size: 3/8" (10mm Ø)

Barb style manifolds work with vinyl or reinforced pipe. Semi rigid pipe does not seal to ribbed barbs.

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